Bar Catering

Our goal is to provide your events with cocktails of exceptional quality and the most friendly barmen and waiters.

Advanced technologies, our own laboratory and great experience in the cocktail sphere assist us.

We do not make just bars, we use different concepts and create an atmosphere that can make any event unique.

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  • Corporate events
  • Presentations
  • Parties
  • Exhibitions
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Concerts
  • etc.

Concepts and aesthetics


Classic bar

Classic cocktails, New York and New Orleans


Mexican bar

Cocktails with tequila and mescal, Latin America


Jewish bar

Cocktails with spices and arrack, menorahs, Magen David


Tropical bar

Tiki-cocktails with rum and juices, flowers, moai statues


Alchemical bar

Unique and unusual cocktails, scrolls, beakers


French bar

Cocktails with sparkling wine, French Riviera

Unique Technologies

Our own laboratory gives us unique and revolutionary technologies, that make our cocktails crystal clear, flawless in taste and incredibly beautiful.

Clarification is what makes cocktails to crystal clear.

Homogenization is when cocktails are artificially aged to give them consistency and noble taste.

0Clarified cocktails

Bottled cocktails

In addition to bar catering, you may also order bottled cocktails prepared in our own laboratory and made using pre-batch

  • Large selection of more than 100 cocktails
  • Assistance in creating a unique label
  • Batches from 100 bottles
0Bottled cocktails

Framework proposals

Bar cetering:

  • 150 cocktails – 60 000 Р
  • 600 cocktails – 235 000 Р
  • 1 500 cocktails – 580 000 Р

Bottled cocktails:

  • from 100 bottles of 250 ml – 400 Р / bottle

Hire a barman:

  • 1 barman (6 hours) – 7 000 Р

Exclusive bar

We offer a bar "from scratch" for your event.

What we do:

  • Разрабатываем уникальное меню коктейлей совместно с вами. Совместные проработки на территории бара в центре Москвы.
  • We create a unique menu of cocktails together with you. Joint study in our bar in the center of Moscow.
0Unique menu for your event

Our team

<p>There are a lot of people in the our team, so we can offer you:</p>

  • Professional barmen
  • Friendly waiters
  • Exceptional photographers
  • Higher level hostesses
  • Tough barbacks
  • Diligent dishwashers
0Our team

And more

  • We can help you with a food menu for your event
  • No need to make a random choice: you may try any cocktail in our bar in the city center at convenient time
  • We use an incredible range of our own ingredients: bitters, syrups, tinctures, distillates, etc.
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Contact us

Arthur Fridman

You may taste our cocktails in our bar.