The only Jewish bar in the city

We are ironically playing up different stereotypes, concerning to the Jewish culture and customs. At the same time, our team holds a firmly high level at making drinks. The main accent is given to the cocktails and the cocktail culture. The crew of our bartenders make about two hundred drinks, including nearly all the classic ones. The barmen and waters work without a drink menu here: every drink matches a guest’s preference and has nearly the same price — 880 rubles. There can be found some interesting mixes and typical Israeli flavors as well, for instance, Holy Land (vodka, mango sauce Amba, balsamic truffle crème).
We have our own laboratory — the equipment, letting us produce essences, clarify cocktails, stabilize wine, and make own liquors. There is no beer in Mitzva bar, but guests can try a range of wine drinks and spirits.
A couple of words should be said about the interior. There are two halls, one of which is decorated in the cabbalistic style and made as a bar zone with high seats. It is comfortable to drink a few rounds here. The second one has a gigantic picture of the beaming delta — the freemason’s token, the famous Eye of Providence — in there and low tables which are ideal for a dinner.
Regarding the cuisine, we have a short, but spacious Israeli menu, made up by the chef Eugene Pavlov. It includes such dishes as hummus, shakshouka, meze and some other hits. Since the bar is small, the tables should be ordered in advance.